Precision Wealth Strategies
For Pilots

Welcome to FAPA Financial Services is a firm built by and for pilots. The FAPA brand (Future & Active Pilot Advisors) has been recognized in the commercial airline community since 1972. Countless pilots have utilized our highly skilled team of aviation professionals for career counseling and interview preparation. We are now bridging the gap between employment incomes and a secure retirement for our members by offering a cost efficient investment advisory and financial planning system dedicated to professional pilots. FAPA Financial Services (a wholly-owned subsidiary of is a Registered Investment Advisor and is building a network of exceptionally qualified advisors with thousands of hours of financial services experience. FAPA Financial is designed to efficiently coordinate the complexities of both short and long term financial strategies for pilots.

Pilot Career Earning Model

Career Earnings Model

Our proprietary and unique Pilot Career Earnings Model provides an estimate of total lifetime earnings based on precise data from major and regional airlines. Think of it as simulating your future income and asset accumulations.

Financial Planning for Pilots

Financial Planning

Utilizing state of the art web based software we analyze and model all personal financial components and develop a high probability solution to the question “What are the best decisions I can make for financial success?”

Why Choose FAPA Financial?

Beware of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. We have all heard that warning in various situations. But rarely is it as appropriate as in personal finance. From Charles Ponzi in 1918 to Bernie Madoff more recently in 2008, very bright people have been fooled by scheming professionals whose real character is well hidden. Well disguised wolves are all over and hard to spot.

So where do you find competent trustworthy advisors? Look within. Within your own industry, within your own profession, within your network of like- minded people with a history of providing honest service and advice. FAPA Financial Services, like its parent, has been built by, and structured for professional pilots. We understand, better than anyone, the issues you face and decisions you have to make. In our fiduciary capacity, we are bound to act in your best interest and for your benefit. We have completed the due diligence to select the absolute best tools, systems, and partners to help you adopt the best strategies to reach your life goals.

Drive thy business or it will drive thee.
Benjamin Franklin